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Whether you prefer to solely backup your iPhone to your computer, or want to do it in addition to using iCloud Backups, follow along for how to backup iPhone to iTunes.

While iCloud on the whole is reliable, it’s important to have multiple backups in multiple places. Using iTunes to backup your iPhone is a great way supplement your automatic iCloud backups, or it also can be used as your primary method if you’d like.

How to backup iPhone to iTunes on a Mac or PC, Open iTunes on your Mac or PC, Plug your iPhone into your computer, Click the phone icon in the top left corner, Click Back Up Now, When complete, select the eject button in the top left corner before unplugging your iPhone

After selecting the iPhone icon, you’ll see the summary screen. Click Back Up Now to start a fresh backup.

You can also change the default backup method from iCloud to This Computer for your iPhone as shown above on the left.

You’ll see a status bar for the backup process in the top center of iTunes as shown below:

When the backup to iTunes is complete, you’ll see it appear in the Latest Backups section in the middle of the summary screen.

When you’re ready to unplug your iPhone, make sure to eject it first in iTunes with the icon in the top left corner.